Areas of Operation:


Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton,

Newport News, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Smithfield.

North Carolina:

Moyock, Currituck, Elizabeth City.

What We Do?
Fully Licensed & Insured.  Oak and Iron Tree Co. may be described broadly, but accurately as an Environmental Health and Conservation Company.  Oak and Iron Tree Co. provides customers with a variety of specialized services, which are classified under the larger Professional Fields of Arboriculture or Urban Forestry, and Landscape Architecture.  From tree removal, & tree pruning, underbrushing, landscape design & installation, transplanting, soil sampling, stump grinding, disaster relief, and other Bobcat services; Our service extends to all that is Natural Landscape.  Working symbiotically with nature, we will always make an effort to incorporate the natural landscape of an area into a finished project in the best possible manner; being mindful of long-term health damage to the land & property, future cost of maintenance,
- saving our customers the cost of unnecessary tree work - conservation of trees as a natural resource, and long-term sustainability. 

  Oak and Iron Tree Co. practices various methods of arboriculture, permaculture, and sustainable development in every project that we take on, because where would we be without plant life to purify the air that we breathe?  Let's hope we never have to find out.

  We take pride in what we do because we believe that what we’re doing will positively impact the quality of life on Earth for this generation and generations to come, so when we say "Respecting the Earth" we really mean that.

Oak and Iron Tree Co. - Not your typical "tree service company."


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